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From One Generation To Another

Hi! We are the Stewarts of Century Barn Weddings! We have been hosting weddings in the barn on our family farm for over 20 years. It all started with a neighbour asking to use the barn for her celebration (which to be honest we thought was a little strange!), and over time, realizing what a special place this could become.

Over the next twenty years, Susan and David Stewart (mom and dad!) worked tirelessly to build the incredible venue and property that you now see today. Originally a dental hygienist and a farmer, hosting weddings was not exactly in their wheelhouse! They spent countless hours learning the ropes of running a wedding venue, with friends, family, and neighbours helping along the way.

In 2021, Susan and David’s youngest daughter, Brooke (me!), got married (in the barn of course) and began running the family wedding venue with her husband, Joon. The whole family continues to be involved in the operations of the barn and love support other families on their special day.

Let’s face it, weddings can be complicated and stressful. Our goal is to host your wedding in a way that makes you, your family and friends feel comfortable and at ease. Making your day beautiful is our only goal and we love working together to make that happen.

We hope to be able to host many more weddings for many more families and someday pass the baton to the next generation.

We look forward to going on the wedding journey with you and your loved ones!

Susan, David, Brooke, Joon, and the Century Barn Team


By Century Barn Weddings